"Pay It Forward" Dental Program

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Lansing, MI - It's a new program that will make smiles a little brighter, and our community a little better.

The "Pay it Forward" dental program at Care Free Dental Clinic is set to help those who don't have dental coverage. Plus, this program helps the community at the same time.

Those who receive dental work from the clinic must agree to volunteer for a certain number of hours in the local community.

There are around 80 organizations in Lansing and Mason where "Pay it Forward" participants can volunteer their time, while also improving their oral health.

People who don't have dental coverage and are under the 250% poverty line are eligible to participate.

"We're really just there to help those that need the help," says Director of Public Relations Megan Barrett.

Care Free Dental will help you determine if you qualify.

A call to the clinic is the first step of five in the "Pay it Forward" process.

Second, complete some basic paperwork.

Next, pay it forward. Volunteer a pre-determined number of hours at a local organization.

Fourth, take a short oral health class at Care Free Dental.

And finally, get treated by a local dentist.

"Oral health can make such a difference both emotionally and physically for a patient," says Project Manager Audrey Taylor. "The emotional effects of not smiling are very impactful on a person's happiness and well-being and ability to find a job."

Care Free modeled their plan after the program in Battlecreek.

For more information, visit www.carefreemedical.org.

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