Patterson: Detroit Needs Help to Fix Finances

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DETROIT (AP) -- Mayor Dave Bing says tough choices have had to be made while trying to fix Detroit's finances.

Bing told The Associated Press earlier this week that he "was committed to make the hard decisions" after taking office in 2009.

The city's budget deficit was more than $300 million at that time. Bing has since reduced the number of city workers by several thousand and instituted pay cuts to try to reduce the deficit.

But Detroit struggles with revenue and now faces a $327 million hole. A state-appointed manager soon could be named after a review team and Gov. Rick Snyder determined the city is in a financial emergency with no adequate plan to fix things.

Oakland County Executive L. Brooks Patterson says Dave Bing may have been better off calling for an emergency manager in Detroit shortly after being elected mayor in 2009.

Patterson told The Associated Press this week that Detroit's finances have been in disarray for years and there was little Bing could do to turn things around.

Bing says he believes a state-appointed emergency manager will be placed over Detroit's finances. The city has a budget deficit of $327 million and is more than $14 billion in debt.

A review team and Gov. Rick Snyder have determined a financial emergency exists in Detroit and city leaders have no adequate plan to fix things.

The City Council says it will appeal the declarations. A hearing is scheduled Tuesday in Lansing.

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