Parking, Security Run Smoothly at Spartan Stadium

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The rain could not dampen the spirits of the approximately 30,000 tailgaters in East Lansing Saturday, but it may have made a dent on game-day crime.

"The weather always has a lot to do with it, I think," said Sgt. Florene McGlothian-Taylor of MSU Police. "The weather did help keep it calm outside. When it's nice and sunny people tend to stay a little longer on Saturday."

Both campus and East Lansing police are calling the day a success after what they're calling a "typical" Saturday.

"It was no different than any other game we have on a football Saturday with the exception of having additional people come to the campus and try to accommodate them in terms of parking spaces," McGlothian-Taylor said.

Neither department reported any major incidents. MSU police say the number of incidents was on par with less-attended games.

Adding to the challenge of policing this year's game was a week of rainy weather that left Munn Field -- a tailgating venue that can hold 1,400 cars -- unusable.

Instead, MSU police pushed drivers to four different parking lots scattered around campus. The demand for those spaces forced the police department to get creative.

"Creative in the sense that we had to have people park along Service Road, maybe pack them in a little tighter than we normally would," said McGlothian-Taylor. "We don't like to park individuals up on the grass but we had to park some people up on the grass and so forth because of all the influx of people that were coming in."

Fans said they had no complaints with the new arrangement, finding things especially manageable by arriving withing minutes of the lots opening at 9 a.m.

Once the game ended, MSU police used parking staff and extra lighting to help direct drivers along routes they may not have been used to when utilizing Munn.

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