Park Shooting Victim's Family Speaks Out

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Reliving the memory of Michelle Packard is not easy for her loved ones. On Friday, Packard's fiance along with her mother and sister spoke out to the public about who she was.

The 34-year-old woman was shot in the head while waiting for the fireworks show at Adado Riverfront Park on July 4th. She was taken to the hospital and died the next morning.

"She was finishing her PHD in Bio-Systems Engineering at Michigan State University where she was sponsored by the Department of Defense's SMART Program...we all mourn the passing of such a great, kind, accomplished, compassionate, fun, funny, dorky, beautiful and in every way amazing woman that was Michelle," said Michelle Packard's fiance John-Wesley Thomas.

Lansing police hope the family's plea to the public will help to get more leads to put an end to the case.

"We respectfully ask all persons that have information relating to this case to give us a call 483-STOP," said Capt. Daryl Green.

The investigation continues, but police have not confirmed how and why she was shot.

"The Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms Division, the ATF bureau, they've graciously added $5000 as reward," said Capt. Green.

They're hoping that's just one of the incentives for anyone with information to come forward and the family wants to make sure the memory of Michelle lives on.

"Her last act was to donate her organs so that others might have a chance to do something great themselves. Even after she has left us her contributions continue," Thomas said.

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