Parents of Baby Bree Might Get Custody Back as Early as Friday

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The Lansing parents who use medical marijuana might be getting their daughter back sooner than expected.

The custody battle involving Maria and Steve Green's six-month-old daughter, Bree, started in September.

Baby Bree was taken from their home after a family court referee said it was too dangerous because marijuana was being grown and consumed there.

News 10's Josh Sidorowicz spoke with the parents Thursday night about the entire ordeal.

For Maria and Steve Green, it's been one of the longest months of their lives.

"She's making advancements and crawling and saying 'mama' and 'daddy' and those are all things that we've missed in this month," Steve Green said.

"It's just been horrific."

The decision in September to remove Bree from their home sparked protests and since then their daughter has been staying with grandparents in Port Huron with Steve and Maria visiting as often as they can.

But they're now hoping those visits will no longer be necessary.

"I think it's becoming clear that it should've never been done in the first place," Maria Green said. "So they're trying to make things right."

Friday morning the Greens will go before a judge where they hope they'll be able to get their daughter back as early as Friday evening.

The Green's attorney, Josh Covert, has been in talks with CPS and the prosecutor and thinks the judge will side with the Greens.

"I'm very excited and hoping it all turns out the way we're expecting," Maria said.

Covert said this all unfolded very quickly and up until Thursday night they were still planning to go to trial on Monday.

The big hang-up had to do with the criminal case in Oakland County involving the Green's from two years ago. The case alleged the parents were drug users, not legitimate medical marijuana patients.

That case was dismissed in early October after Covert says they were able to prove the Green's were indeed legitimately using medical marijuana.

Steve suffers from epilepsy and the drug is the only way he can control his episodes. Maria uses the drug to treat her multiple sclerosis.

The hearing is scheduled for 11:00 Friday morning at the Veterans Memorial Courthouse in downtown Lansing.

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