New Approach to Panhandling

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Lansing, MI - Panhandling is common around Mid-Michigan, even here in Lansing.

You've likely spotted panhandlers standing on corners in South Lansing and the Frandor area asking for cash or food.

But, one local organization wants you to hand them a card.

Volunteers of America here in Michigan is urging drivers to hand anyone you see a VOAMI card.

Its a business card that lists the services the VOA offers like counseling, and job opportunities.

The VOA also offers a hot meal, showers, and beds for those on the streets.

The hope is to get more of the homeless or panhandlers into the VOA for long term help. The organization says while handing someone money or food at the corner is generous and fills an emergency need, that is a short-term solution.

This card gives the homeless or panhandler options. They say directing them to the VOA helps with the next step - recovery.

You can get a set of free cards to keep in your car. To do so, go to the VOA's website:

The organization says safety is first, and advise if you don't feel comfortable handing out their card, don't.

News 10 will be following this story and will bring you another update tomorrow morning.

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