Panel to Discuss Changing Speed Limit in Michigan

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Changing the speed limits in Michigan will be the topic of discussion this morning in downtown Lansing. Many are calling for an end to so-called "speed traps".

They say those hurt hard-working poor people who cannot afford speeding tickets, and that the speed traps are only there to raise money for the courts, not to increase safety.

Back in November, the Michigan Department of Transportation raised the speed limits on four major roads in Lansing, including parts of Martin Luther King, Grand River near the airport, Cedar, and Larch streets.

Speeds went up from 35 miles per hour to 45. MDOT says speeds were hiked to reflect the flow of traffic. Lansing police said at the time, they thought there would be more accidents.But an MDOT study from the 90’s shows neither speeds nor accident rates changed significantly after speed limits went up.

This morning, panelists attending the forum will be discussing the 85th percentile method of setting speed limits that's where the speed is set by determining the speed of 85-percent of cars that go down the road.

They’ll identify what roads are affected by this method across the state, and go more in depth on the advantages and disadvantages to using this method.

The forum will be held at the Michigan Municipal League offices on North Capitol Avenue in Lansing, it starts at 10 a.m.
The public is invited to attend.

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