Pair of Developers Team Up to Redevelop Lansing's Red Cedar Golf Course

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New plans are in the works to redevelop Lansing's old Red Cedar Golf Course. On Thursday, Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero announced Continental Real Estate Companies of Columbus, Ohio and Ferguson Development Group of Lansing, have teamed up to create a new community called the Red Cedar Renaissance Project.

The old golf course has sat vacant for years, on a prime piece of property located on the edge of Michigan State University's campus. It borders the Red Cedar River, Michigan Avenue, and Clippert Street. Developer Joel Ferguson says, "I see a great hotel, restaurants where people want to be, but I see the environment, I see the open space near the river, I see where the people in the community will be there." Frank Kass, of Continental Real Estate Companies, specializes in developing communities, which include housing, office space, restaurants, and retailers. " Kass said, "When this project came to my eyes and I understood the significance of it, to Lansing, and by virtue of that to East Lansing, I mean, this just fits my bill."

The development will serve as a gateway for both cities. Developers envision it as a place where people can live, work, or relax in a park like setting. The layout would be inviting for biking and walking. Mayor Virg Bernero says the development is sorely needed. "Michigan Avenue is nowhere near what it needs to be, in terms of what people want today. And we get into this whole issue of the young talent, and trying to attract, not just attract, but retain young talent and its about livable communities."

The developers met in the past 2 years, and have become friends. Ferguson is well-known for his developments in Lansing. Kass has worked on a variety of riverfront revitalization projects around the country, like Pittsburgh's North Shore. Kass said, If we do this right, we will have created a jewel, for both communities, and the people that live here." Ferguson agrees. "I think this will be a game changer we will all be proud of and make a difference in Lansing." Ferguson expects the project to be finished in about two years.
Before work can begin, the Ingham County Drain Commissioner must finish managing storm water runoff at the site. Over the next several months, the city and developers will hold three meetings for people in the community to give their ideas.