Your Cell Phone Needs Protection from the Cold too

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The deep freeze is putting a freeze on communication -- for many who rely on a smart phone. You may have noticed your battery drains faster. In some cases, the phone stops working.

Experts say it's important to protect your smartphone, much like you protect your body, because it can suffer injuries from the cold too.
Rob Robbins, a cell phone repair technician, says "You can damage the internal workings of the iphone, you can damage the motherboard, there's all kinds of things that can happen. You can damage the start up process, which is a chip inside of the iphone."

Every smart phone is different when it comes to how much cold it can handle. Apple suggests 32 degrees as the threshold for an i-phone. Samsung smartphones can handle up to -4.

To protect your phone, keep it in your coat pocket, and close to the warmth of your body. Take it out only when necessary. Don't leave it in your car.