PLAYTIME: Groups Aim to Motivate Kids to Play Outside

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More than 1,200 kids are finding out there's a lot to do when they put down their phones and video games.

The Dept. of Natural Resources, Mich. Recreation and Park Assoc., and the No Child Left Inside Coalition held a "Get Out and Play" event at the State Capitol Tuesday.

Organizers say it was a chance to show the kids how to be happier, healthier and smarter.

"We know when kids play outdoors they're happier, have less stress, and have a lot more fun outdoors," said Roy Rustem, of the Mich. Dept. of Natural Resources. "They're healthier because they're exercising, they're playing and running around doing all kinds of things, and they're smarter because being outdoors allows them to be more creative, use all their senses and use their imagination when they're outdoors."

Statistics show kids are spending up to eight hours every day on electronics, like phones, video games and the computer, and only averaging about 30 minutes per week outdoors.

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