Ovid-Elsie Schools Practice Tornado Drill

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The video that shows destruction and the news that two elementary schools lay in the path of the tornado that hit parts of Oklahoma also hit home for the Mid-Michigan education community.

"I fear for my own kids every day," said Pam Ackerls, who has a daughter and granddaughter at Leonard Elementary School in Ovid.

"You know whenever something like that happens, any kind of school disaster, it hits home. Your first instincts are are we doing the right things, are we protecting our staff and our kids," said Ovid-Elsie Area Schools Superintendent Ryan Cunningham.

On Tuesday, Cunningham showed News 10 what they have in place for emergencies, including a procedures handbook in each classroom, maps of fire and tornado routes and a radio with an alarm system. Students from two third grade classes also demonstrated what they would do if there's a tornado. They filed into the hallway, got close to the wall and kept their heads down.

"We try to keep them away from any exterior windows, high points of the building. The emergency drills that we do if they're practiced, are more instinctual," said Cunningham.

Each year, Ovid-Elsie schools conduct a minimum of six fire drills, two tornado drills and two lockdown drills as mandated by the state. The superintendent says that's what keeps students prepared in case of an emergency.

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