Ovid-Elsie Nominated for $200,000 Security Grant

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ELSIE (WILX)-- A mid-Michigan school district is vying for a grant that would make it's schools a lot safer.

Ovid-Elsie is in the running for $200,000 dollars worth of security upgrades. The district is up against school districts around the nation, but district administration say they're confident the community will step up when it comes to school safety.

All it takes is a click of a button, and Ovid-Elsie is one vote closer to winning the 200,000 dollar grant from Stanley Security.

"It's going to be tough because we are a smaller community, but I believe our community can get behind us. I think we have a chance," said Superintendent Ryan Cunningham.

The contest has just begun and already parents and teachers are banding together to vote.

"I'm happy and excited. We've entered other contests and we've been lucky enough to win. We'll see," said Christine Phillips. Phillips has two kids in the Ovid-Elsie school district.

Updating the districts security system seems to be a popular idea.

"You can never be too safe," said Phillips.

"I'm always wondering if something were to happen. I have kids in my room that I have to protect, but I also have my own kids who go here," said parent/teacher Rachelle Parsons.

The school has working security system in place. It has locked doors, surveillance, and gives all teachers/volunteers background checks. But as Cunningham pointed out, this grant is a one time opportunity.

"Technology wise we're cutting edge, but things can get outdated," said Cunningham.

Bullet proof doors and windows, new lock down technology, and security advisors are some of the perks to winning the grant.

Right now Ovid-Elsie isn't in the top ten, but anyone with an e-mail address can vote. Everyone is permitted one vote a day until the contest ends in December.

"We're going to keep putting it on our facebook, twitter, and sending out e-mails, trying to get our community behind us," said Cunningham.

Kenowa Hills Middle School in Grand Rapids is the only other Michigan school in the running.

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