Overcoming Substance Abuse

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Lansing, MI - With an increasing number of young people turning to drugs, a Lansing group is helping kids and families deal with substance abuse...and they are seeing results.

Corey Warren and his mother Jacque are the co-founders of Mid-Michigan based WAI-IAM Inc.

They work at local schools to teach kids about acceptance and setting goals. They offer a variety services like transitional housing and intervention sessions.

And what's behind the name of their organization?

After struggling with addiction for 10 years, Corey found himself in rehab and asking the questions again and again: "Who am i?"

This question became his inspiration to help others, and his mom joined him on this venture. Naturally, the answer to this million dollar question was "I am me," and hence they used the acronym WAI-IAM for their organization.

This mom and son duo and their team offer a lot of advice for both young people and parents.

For young people. whether you are struggling with substance abuse or feelings of not fitting in, they strongly suggest talking to someone.

For parents, often the best way to help a child is to give them space and to task them with taking care of their own lives. It's all about finding your own identity.

For more information on services WAI-IAM offers, to talk with someone or simply learn more visit their website wai-iam.com or call (517)420-4381.

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