Open Carry Allowed at Capital Area District Libraries

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Some people consider the Capital Area District Library (CADL) a family place. That's why the news that people can now openly carry guns in the library came as a shock to some patrons.

"[If I see an open weapon] I would just grab my stuff and probably leave," said Lansing resident Morgan DelValle.

In a court battle between the CADL and Michigan Open Carry, Inc., the Michigan Court of Appeals ruled that only the state has the power to regulate firearms, not local government. That means the CADL's policy that bans open carry cannot stand. CADL argued that they're exempt because they're an authority, but the court ruled otherwise.

"I think we were all disappointed because we thought this was an issue of the safety and protection of our patrons and we thought we had a good case and obviously we thought we would win," said Maureen Hirten, president of CADL.

This was undoubtedly a victory for Michigan Open Carry, Inc.

"We feel that everyone in the State of Michigan has more rights because of this," said Phillip Hofmeister, president of Michigan Open Carry.

Hofmeister says this ruling helps protect against future issues.

"All sorts of different local governments would start banning firearms and that was our fear and that's why we saw it was important to pursue this case."

Hirten says she doesn't anticipate any safety problems because of this and Hofmeister is asking people to not overreact.

"If their everyday lives involves open carrying and they happen to be going to a library then by all means, but don't do anything you wouldn't do otherwise," Hofmeister said.

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