Onondaga Pole Barn Fire Under Investigation

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Firefighters in Onondaga responded to a fire at a pole barn around 2:30 Thursday afternoon in the 3500 block of Edgar Rd.

No one was home at the time. Firefighters say a neighbor called in the fire.

About 30 baby chicks being kept in a coop inside the barn were killed, and some equipment including a tractor was destroyed.

The high winds--which helped spread the flames to some nearby fields--made it a challenging blaze to battle.

"It's just this time of year, it's dry, the tinder is dry and the brush goes off quick and then you get the winds pushing it and that's what really hampers our efforts," said Onondaga Fire Chief Jim Tow.

"The biggest thing today was the wind.. the wind really took the flames and moved them around pretty hard."

There were also some explosions inside which might've been caused by propane tanks being stored inside, according to the fire chief.

Crews are investigating the cause but say it doesn't look suspicious.

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