One Year Later: Skelton Brothers Still Missing

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MORENCI -- Still so much pain for the family of the missing Skelton boys from Morenci.

"You think a few months, whatever, and it will be over," said Tanya Zuvers, the boys' mother. "And here we are, a year later and -- nothing."

Andrew, Alexander and Tanner disappeared one year ago -- last seen on Thanksgiving with their father, John Skelton, with whom they were spending the holiday. He's now serving a 10-15-year sentence for unlawful imprisonment of the boys, and is suspected of killing them.

The family left behind is bracing for a difficult holiday season.

"Every holiday, every family get-together -- there's three holes," Zuvers said.

But despite it all, this family is finding comfort in hope.

"We'll never give up hope," said the boys' sister, Courtney Derby. "I mean, some people ask me, 'How do you keep the hope?' There's no question about it, that there will never be no hope."

The boys' cousin, Ashlyn Timberman, wrote a poem that she'll read this Sunday at a memorial for the three brothers.

"I miss the happiness, the joy, the pride. I miss your shadow clinging to my side," part of the poem reads. "I miss the hugs and kisses you shared. I miss all the things you never feared."

Morenci officials, meanwhile, showed their support Friday, passing out fliers to passersby at the intersection of US-127 and Morenci Road -- the very road along which Skelton, who at the time was in a fierce custody battle with Zuvers, is suspected of kidnapping his boys on Thanksgiving morning in a blue Dodge van

"Somebody could have potentially seen him along the roadside, or at a store, or at a gas station or in some remote area, and could prove vital to our case," said Morenci Police Chief Larry Weeks.

Authorities believe Skelton took the boys from his house at about 4 a.m. and then driving across the Ohio border to Holiday City. He returned to his Morenci home at about 7 a.m. -- without the boys.

He has claimed he dropped the boys with an unidentified organization.

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