One Man Killed in I-496 Morning Crash ; Said To Be A Dangerous Area

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LANSING (WILX)--Slick roads and construction may have contributed to an accident on I-496 that killed a man Tuesday morning. Six cars were damaged during the morning commute near the Clemens Steet Bridge.

One car burst into flames and the driver a 24 year-old Lansing man died; three others had minor injuries.

The cause of the accident is still being investigated, but Lansing Police Officer Meritt says it looks like a combination of road conditions may be to blame.

"Rain, snow, ice, or fog, it's something to pay attention to when driving. Coupled with the weather and the construction zone that may lead up to the cause of this crash," said Merritt.

Police are also trying to determine if it was a single accident, or two close together. Merritt says this particular section of I-496 is a dangerous one.

"Accidents in that approximate area is right around 22 we had in 2012, however 2011 we had 18 accidents in that given area," said Merritt.

With 22 accidents for the past year on I-496, it still isn't in the top 10 most dangerous sections of road in Lansing according to Michigan department of Transportation, police agree.

"The number one area in the city of Lansing for 2012 was the intersection between Jolly and Cedar street with 45 accident reports taken," said Merritt.

Police will not release the name of the victim until his family is notified. We'll tell you when we find out.