Olympic Enthusiasm Gives Boost to Local Rinks

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The Winter Olympics are bringing big business to local ice rinks.

Figure Skater Hannah Miller of Williamston spends time nearly every day at East Lansing’s Suburban Ice Arena in hopes of reaching her Olympic dream. Thanks to the Olympics, the same rink has people lining up for lessons, and time on the ice.

Many young school students had President’s Day off, so they decided to spend part of it ice skating. 9 year-old Julia Brown of Dewitt came with her family. “I've been watching the figure skating and that really inspired me to do a lot of skating." Julia’s 6 year-old sister Joslyn was also willing to give skating a try. “It kind of looks hard, but I don't know really how people do it, so I’m just going to try it out."

Jeff Mitchell, manager at Suburban Ice, says the rink is enjoying the Olympic enthusiasm. “Having the Olympics is huge. It gets hockey and recreational skating and all winter sports out in front of an audience that is just massive." The massive audience translates into a 15% boost in business for the rink. “We definitely see a big increase in learn to skate numbers, hockey numbers and even recreational skating."