Okemos Woman Facing Trial After Suffocating Infant

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A 24-year-old Okemos woman was bound over for trial today at her preliminary hearing. Melissa Mitin is charged with suffocating her infant in an attempt to conceal the baby's birth. She is facing two counts: open murder and concealing the death of an infant child.

It's a morning Deborah Mitin say she can't comprehend, as she gave Judge Thomas Boyd her account of what happened on December 26, 2013.

"I mean Melissa was living with us and we had no idea that she was pregnant," Deborah Mitin said at the hearing.

It started when Deborah Mitin's daughter Melissa woke up early in the morning thinking she had food poisoning. As it turns out the 24-year-old was pregnant and about to have her child.

"After the baby came out of her body and fell into the toilet what did she say she did after that?" prosecuting attorney Debra Russo asked Detective Brett Reed.

"She said that the baby cried for a little bit and then stopped crying and she said she put it in a wastepaper can," said Reed, who works for the Meridian Township Police Department.

Then leaving the baby in the bathroom for her family to later discover.

"I opened up the cabinet and there was a wicker basket with a deceased baby in it," Deborah Mitin said.

Philip Mitin, Melissa's father, says he wrapped the trash basket with the baby in it in plastic and took it to the hospital. The Ingham County medical examiner says the baby was suffocated by how it was placed in the trash bin.

"You have an infant that's born live that's then placed in a trash can in a position where it can't be able to breathe, that would account for the death," said Joyce deJong, who examined the baby the morning it was brought into Sparrow Hospital.

Melissa Mitin's attorney Frank Reynolds says that's one point they're going to be focusing on in trial.

"Part of the problem as I see has to do with the fact that the baby was manipulated at the hospital and then placed back," he said.

Mitin is expected back in court for her trial on June 18.

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