Oil Spill on the Grand River in Lansing

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Lansing's Board of Water and Light released a statement Monday, saying that an equipment malfunction led to an oil spill in the Grand River.

An equipment malfunction at the Eckert Power Plant on March 31 at approximately 10:30 PM caused turbine oil to spill and overflow a containment area. The overflow oil reached part of the plant adjacent to the Grand River.

Plant personnel were unable to contain the oil with oil-absorbing materials, and they estimated that fewer than 300 gallons of oil escaped into the river before the spill was contained.

Board of Water and Light staff deployed two oil booms from shore to shore across the river near Cherry Hill and Adado Riverfront Parks. The booms are made with special fabric, to absorb any oil that reaches them. The oil-absorbing materials will remain in place at the river booms for several days and will be properly disposed of once they have collected the oil.

The Michigan Department of Environmental Quality and the Environmental Protection Agency have been notified. The Board of Water and Light is following standard cleanup procedures, and the Department of Environmental Quality has inspected the BWL's cleanup activity.

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