Now Hiring: Dart Container

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Dozens of jobs are up for grabs, including positions in I.T., engineering and production. Air Force veteran Juan Rodriguez is one of about 450 job applicants who attended a recruiting event for Dart at the Capital Area Michigan Works.

"I believe I've got something they can use and I'd like to be a part of that team,' said Rodriguez.

Previously, he worked as a technician and test engineer. He's also taking classes and now just six hours short of getting a Bachelor's degree.

Doug Stites, CEO of Capital Area Michigan Works, says getting hired is about having the right qualification. While available work is picking up in the Mid-Michigan area, positions are in specialized fields.

"There are opportunities but they're in occupations that are narrow that are not just well, everybody come and anyone can go to work."

He says there's high demand for talent in I.T. and healthcare, fields that require some extra training or education beyond high school.

"The days of just completing high school and typically getting a terrific career are pretty much behind us," Stites said.

After being in the workforce for 30 years, Rodriguez has seen the changing demand and increasing focus on higher education. That's why he's determined to get that college degree to stay employable.

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