No Parts for GM Recalls

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The sign outside Glenn Buege's Buick and GMC dealership reads: "We Repair All Makes."

And Buege plans to repair any recalled Chevy, Saturn, GMC, Buick or Pontiac that comes his way.

Customers may just have to wait a little bit.

"The parts are not in for those cars and I can't tell you when they're going to be," said Buege. "They said they'd be shipping shortly, but we don't really know when."

Monday was publicized as the first day GM would start repairing ignition switches in 2.6 million vehicles, which are blamed for causing 13 deaths nationwide.

Some customers have brought their cars into Buege Chevrolet in Eaton Rapids, but those cars must sit and wait.

"It's definitely discouraging," said Buege. "We'd like to get them in and get them done. Customers are calling us and we're telling them we don't have the parts yet."

Bob Kouts Chevrolet also confirmed it had not received any parts for the problematic ignition switches.

Buege has received parts for the Buick Enclave, GMC Acadia, Chevy Traverse and Saturn Outlook -- all of which were recalled at the end of March for problems with side airbag deployment -- but hasn't received enough of them to make all the fixes.

"We need more parts," he said. "We have an awful lot of Acadias and Enclaves that are in our marketplace, so we have a lot of customers and there's four or five years worth, so that's a tremendous amount of cars that need to be repaired."

Buege's advice to drivers is to drive carefully. And if your vehicle was recalled due to its ignition switch, he advises only inserting the key in the ignition, removed from a keychain.

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