No Incidents Following Added Security at Lansing Fireworks

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Visitors to Adado Riverfront Park saw several more police officers and heightened security checks at entrances.

But that wasn't about to stop Lansing resident Barbara Tate from taking part in a family tradition 40 years in the making.

"I'm so sorry we have to [have tighter security] but if that means this will continue to be a safe place for families to gather then so be it," Tate said. "It's a sign of the times."

A sign of time times perhaps, but a welcome precaution for Janet Gregg following last year's deadly shooting.

"I'm glad because it's nice and you feel safer and I'd rather be safe than sorry," Gregg said.

This year was Bobby Miller's first time at the fireworks and he said appreciated the large police presence.

"We like the security and there's so many people around here that are keeping us safe," Miller said. "Lansing police and the security department, they're all so wonderful to be here."

Miller said he didn't mind that the security checks slowed entrance a bit at the gates.

"I had no problem letting them go look through everything they wanted to look through," he said. "I would've spent five minutes to make sure everybody does that to keep us all safe."

Beyond the heightened security many agreed, the night was really about enjoying the city and celebrating the holiday.

"I love it all," said Tate. "I love the music, I love watching the people, it's a wonderful place.

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