No Benefits For Saturday's Legal Same-Sex Marriages

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It's a heated topic during an election year, and the governor would rather not discuss his personal opinion about same-sex marriage.

"I'm not going to go rehash one sentence in a debate four years ago," said Governor Rick Snyder.

That sentence made by then candidate Snyder was-- "Marriage is between a man and a woman."

Wednesday morning no matter how the question was asked during a three minute Q and A with the press, his answer always shifted to the economy.

"What is your stance though-- people would like to know," asked News 10's Brian Johnson.

"My job is to actually follow the law and so that is the issue we are analyzing right now in terms of what are the legal implications and what's the best course of action to take on this matter," responded Gov. Snyder.

"Your job is also to lead the state and set precedent," said Johnson.

"And I think I have been leading the state very well--in terms of economic growth in particular. That's the number one issue to our citizens. I've heard that over and over again," said Governor Snyder.

So is he dodging the question?

"It's not that he's dodging the questions," said Sara Wurfel, Gov. Snyder's press secretary. "He's governor for the whole state of Michigan and everything that he has heard loud and clear from every corner of the state, from any different group and audience is that people care about jobs and making sure that we have a strong quality of life, and that's for every Michigander-- regardless of whether you are gay or straight."

"I think he's just pandering to his political base--you know trying not to jeopardize his re-election that's what I think this is," said Joe Bissell who got married Saturday in Ingham county.

Bissell said he expected this to happen.

"Everybody is considering us married. Everybody is congratulating us and I don't need Governor Snyder to tell me otherwise," said Bissell.

Wednesday afternoon the governor's office announced that same-sex couples were legally married on Saturday. However, since the indefinite stay was granted, the state must withhold the benefits of those marriages until further court rulings are made.

Michigan's gay marriage ban and constitutional amendment prohibiting the marriages could be around for awhile. The Federal Sixth Circuit Court has asked for legal briefs on the appeal to be filed in May and June.

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