New Tech Gadgets for Back to School

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Holt, MI - A new school year means new concerns for parents, and if you are looking to keep your child safe, three new tech gadgets on the market promise to do just that.

AT&T stores are selling products designed to block texting and driving, and even place emergency phone calls with the touch of a red button.

The "Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator" provides real time location tracking and two-way voice calling. Your child can wear the locator like a necklace, or store it in their back pack.

"You can actually call your parents with one easy button," says AT&T Area Sales Manager Kevin Roberts.

The locator alerts you if your child leaves a specified area, just like the "Audiovox Car Connection." This gadget can be mounted in your child's car and prevents them from texting and driving.

"The 'Zoom Safer' app is something you download to your phone, (it) gives you the ability to restrict texting and driving for our kids keep them safe while they are driving," says Roberts.

The Audiovox Car Connection sends alerts if your child is speeding or goes outside a pre-specified driving zone. And if your child turns off the device? You'll get an alert about that too.

The FiLIP watch also sends alerts to your phone or tablet if your child leaves a safe zone. The GPS tracking watch can also receive and place calls to five pre-programmed numbers.

"This red button on the side, if it is pressed and held for three seconds, it is an emergency notifier," says Roberts.

The FiLIP costs $149.99, the Audiovox Car Connection costs $179.99 and the Amber Alert GPS Smart Locator is $129.99. If you are an AT&T customer, using these devices adds $10 a month to your regular bill.

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So, when it comes to back to school tech this year, safety is a top priority.

"Being able to keep track of your children and knowing that they are safe," says Roberts. "Know(ing) that they have a connection to you when they are out and about doing things, it really all just gives us a piece of mind."

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