New TSA Security Measures Mean Extra Checks of your Cell Phone

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There are some new rules for flying.

The Transportation Security Administration is now requiring all passengers flying into the United States from international airports to turn on their electronic devices, like cell phones, before getting on the plane.

The new rule is to prove electronics aren't explosive devices.

This is in response to concerns the al-Qaeda is trying to produce a bomb that airport security can't detect.

Devices that won't power up, won't be allowed on the plane.

And the passenger that owns the device? They might have to undergo additional screening as well.

"Our job is to try to anticipate the next attack, not simply react to the last one," said U.S. Security of Homeland Security Jeh Johnson. "And so we continually evaluate the world situation, and we know that there remains a terrorist threat to the United States, and aviation security is a large part of that."

Passengers may also see additional screenings of shoes and electronics, as well as the additional use of scanners designed to detect trace amounts of explosives at the airport.

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