New State of the State: Approval Rating Up for Snyder, Down for Obama

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A new survey sheds some light on how people in Michigan are feeling about government leaders and the economy. Michigan State University’s quarterly “State of the State Survey” was released Thursday, with bad news for President Barack Obama.

Researchers believe the government shutdown, and a failed roll out of the nation's new healthcare exchange website brought President Obama’s approval rating down in Michigan. Charles Ballard, Michigan State University’s State of the State Survey said, “The survey was in the field for several weeks, so we were able to see how did things go before October 1st and after October 1st, and president Obama's ratings were 7 percentage points lower after October 1st as the news of the troubled roll out of the healthcare website accumulated."

The President's approval rating dropped from just over 45% last spring to 38.3%. That’s the lowest since Fall of 2010. When it comes to state leadership, the mood is on the upswing. Governor Rick Snyder’s approval rating went up from 29% to just over 35%. Ballard said, “Interestingly, he doesn't have as many people who rate him poor as President Obama. A third of the folks give President Obama a poor rating. Only a quarter give Snyder a poor rating. More also give Obama excellent than give Snyder an excellent. Snyder has a lot of folks in the fair category."

When it comes to their pocketbooks, people in Michigan are a bit subdued. Just over 49% rated their financial situation as excellent or good, 54% think they'll be better off a year from now. Ballard says, “I think that's likely to continue as long as the economy is where it is which is sort of in 2nd gear, maybe in 3rd gear. It's way better than reverse, which is what we had four years ago, but its definitely not a gangbusters economy."

The survey was conducted by phone from late August through late October. 978 adults participated.