New Stadium Expansion Aims to Woo Recruits

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It's a $20 million project that will completely revamp the north end of Spartan Stadium on Michigan State's campus.

And according to MSU Athletics Director, Mark Hollis it's an upgrade that's been long overdue.

"This area has not been addressed since the 1960s," he said. "If you don't stay on top of these types of renovations what you find yourself having is getting way behind the times and having to play catch-up."

The renovations are set to include upgrades to the locker room, a new media room and a recruitment engagement center.

It's all in the name of ensuring continued recruitment of the best athletes in the Big Ten.

"It's a facility that can be used everyday and we have plans to look into that of how it can be used by various groups on campus," he said.

Hollis also said the upgrades aren't just for recruits. the expansion will create a sort of welcome center or concourse area that will offer a better general entrance for the stadium.

"With better facilities means that possible prospects will notice that and we'll have a better shot," said Ryan Gawronski, an MSU student.

"The goal is to win games and if this increases our chances at succeeding then why not, let's go for it."

Officials expect the project to get the official green light for approval in June with construction beginning shortly after.

The entire project is expected to be completed by this time next year and we're told it won't interfere with football season this fall.

Rendering of proposed north end expansion and welcome concourse for Spartan Stadium
Rendering of the proposed north end expansion for Spartan Stadium
Rendering of the proposed new locker rooms inside Spartan Stadium