New Problems at Condemned Trailer Park

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Turns out, raw sewage isn't the only concern at a Lansing trailer park.

News 10 found out Friday, Life O'Riley Trailer Park is also dealing with a huge infestation of roaches, bedbugs and mice.

People living there have been told they need to throw away their furniture and other belongings or send them to a dry cleaner or laundromat for deep cleaning.

Joan Jackson-Johnson with the city of Lansing tells News 10 the landlord has been located and is working with the city. She also found out the landlord has been turning people's water off, to force them to pay rent, despite the fact they have to vacate the property next week unless the sewage problem is fixed.

As of Friday, about 50 people have moved into hotels. News 10 has also been told a judgement has been filed against the landlord.

We'll be sure to keep you updated as this situation develops further.

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