New Poll Shows Romney Gaining on Obama in Michigan

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A new "Voice of the Voter" poll released Monday shows republican Mitt Romney pulling closer to President Obama.

The poll from Epic MRA puts Obama and Romney within three points of each other and there's no question Michigan is on the radar for both parties.

Both think they can win the state and party members say you see that with the candidate's visits to Michigan. Republican Vice Presidential Nominee Paul Ryan spoke Monday at a rally in Rochester. Next week, Ann Romney will be in West Michigan.

The democratic side hasn't been as active in the state recently, but Vice President Joe Biden visited Detroit on Labor Day.

Republicans aren't surprised their candidate is moving up in the polls.

"People are coming to the realization that we can't spend our way into prosperity, we have to turn the corner and do the right thing," Norm Shinkle, chair of the Ingham County Republican Party said.

"The race has tightened dramatically, it has to all be attributed to the debate," Bernie Porn, with Epic MRA said. "Our poll in September showed a 47 to 37 percent lead for Obama."

The "Voice of the Voter" poll shows Obama is now at 48 percent with Romney at 45. Romney gained eight points, Obama one.

"To have a three point lead after a ten point lead, that's a significant change in a state that was not considered a battle ground state," Porn added.

The October numbers came after the debate but may not reflect updated unemployment numbers. What they do show is Michigan's undecided voters moving to Romney.

"He now leads among independent voters and surprisingly, especially among independent women," Porn said.

"Number one it says that Michigan's important," National Republican Party Chair, Reince Priebus said. "I mean we wouldn't be here tonight and we wouldn't be interested in obviously spending the kind of money with our volunteers that we are in Michigan if Michigan wasn't in play and wasn't important, because it is."

Democrats believe the boost in temporary. They say Romney may have won the debate, but he won't win the state.

"I still think when people look at it, Obama has proven himself, has helped this state in particular with the auto industry," Sandy Zerkle, chair of the Ingham County Democratic Party said.

Local democrats are counting on the good jobs report to shift momentum and a good debate.

"One thing is clear and that is if President Obama has another debate performance like the one he just had, well that could spell trouble for him," Porn said.

"Voice of the Voter" also looked at the Senate race between incumbent Debbie Stabenow and republican Pete Hoekstra. It shows Stabenow with a commanding 20 point lead. She gained six points from September, while Hoekstra lost three.

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