New Park in Perry Won't Just Benefit the Kids

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It's a small town of a little more than 2,000 people, and they've got big plans for one of their parks.

"What we're envisioning is a large open play structure with, um, they have a lot of the bars, so people can use their imaginations, so it's not one of the playgrounds where it's a castle, you know, per say. It's actually something where kids are physically active," said Karen Potter, founder of the Potter Dream Park organization.

Potter said Perry doesn't have a parks and recreation authority, so they've created the non-profit organization, Perry Dream Park, that'll take on that role.

The organizations first goal is a new playground in Jubilee Park.

"We want it, so people can spend weekends here in town, spend their money in town instead of driving to Owosso or Okemos. We want to keep dollars here, so our goal is just to keep expanding more offerings," Potter explained.

Tina Buck has been a vendor at several events because she's excited for what the new park will do for business.

"We just need to bring more to the Perry community. Like, because businesses come and go and the people you get active doing stuff in town, the more it helps the small businesses as well," Buck said.

The project will cost $80,000, so Perry Dream Park is holding weekly fundraisers, like today's farmers market.

"We're getting there slow but surely, it's a small community, but everyone's been really receptive, so we're excited," Potter said.

All of Perry is supporting the organizations efforts, but with only about $4,000 raised so far, they're leaning towards grants for a majority of funding.

Plans show the new playground going up in 2016.