New Online Clinic Available to Michigan Residents

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Getting diagnosed with the flu isn't just happening in the doctor's office anymore.

Enter "virtuwell"--- a 24-7 online clinic that treats more than 40 common conditions, now available to Michigan residents.

You start by answering the question "What do you think you have" and are guided through an expert system that will give a diagnosis and a treatment plan. Customers also have the option to speak live with a nurse practitioner on the phone, during or after their visit, just by clicking a "request a call" button.

If the customer is experiencing symptoms that is more complicated than can be safely treated online, the interview is stopped and the person is referred to an in-person provider in their community at no cost.

Patients will pay up to $40 for the service--- and you don't have to have health insurance to use it. virtuwell also offers a money back guarantee.

Some of the conditions that can be treated by virtuwell include sinus infections, pink eye, the flu, upper respiratory infections, ear pain, yeast infection, poison ivy, diaper rash, swimmer's ear and lice.

Michigan is the third state in which virtuwell has been introduced. Nearly 50,000 people in Minnesota and Wisconsin have received treatment plans from virtuwell since the clinic launched in late 2010.

virtuwell is part of HealthPartners, the nation's largest consumer-governed, non-profit healthcare organization.

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