New Job Prospects for Congressman Mike Rogers

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Michigan Congressman Mike Rogers is considered a strong candidate for Carl Levin's seat in the U.S. Senate and the FBI Agents Association has recommended him for becoming the next FBI director. News 10 spoke with the congressman on Monday and asked if he has any plans of leaving the U.S. House of Representatives.

"I'm pretty happy being chair of the House Intelligence Committee. My focus is there and to continue to represent the people of the 8th district, so time will tell," said Rep. Mike Rogers, R-Michigan.

Congressman Rogers didn't confirm if he'll go for either of the positions. However, political experts say he could be a strong candidate to become the next head of the FBI given his experience as a former FBI agent and the strong endorsement from the FBI Agents Association.

"I mean anyone can want to be head of the FBI but if you get 12,000 people say well we think he'd be good for the FBI, I think that's a plus," said Bill Ballenger from Inside Michigan Politics.

Possible new jobs aside, we also talked to him about the attack in Benghazi, where the U.S. ambassador to Libya and three other Americans were killed, and his role in the investigation.

"I've received some 4000 classified documents, I think we need to talk to all the people who want to be talked to in this case, review all of the material both classified and unclassified so we can find out how we can make sure this doesn't happen again," Rep. Rogers said.

So far, Rogers seems set on being chair of the House Intelligence Committee, though he's not ruling out the possibility of stepping into a new position in the near future.

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