New Info: Avalon Hotel To Be Demolished; 22 Families Find New Homes

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Blackman Twp. (WILX)-- Friday was eviction day for 22 families living at the Avalon Hotel in Jackson.

Thursday we told you how they were given less than 48-hours notice to find a new place to live, now we know why and what the new ownership has in store for the hotel.

"Our building, they found mold in it," said Claudene Mileschkowsky, former manager.

She lost her job and home in one day, but speaking for the Avalon Hotel, Mileschkowsky says they found the mold earlier this week. It ended up speeding up the closing process that was already in place.

"Now I get why, it had to happen so fast. It was for health and safety reasons."

But the new owners are telling a different story. Although we still don't know what company bought the hotel, a representative was there Friday to oversee the paperwork. Representative Sam Azir says says two months ago they told the current owners to get everybody out.

Mileschkowsky says her boss, Mr. Shaw, didn't want to make people leave until it was officially under new management.

"He was afraid of them backing out and then people would be homeless. It's happened so many times before," said Mileschkowsky.

Azir says they will be demolishing the hotel within the next three months, but wouldn't say what will be built in its place.

The good news is all 22 families that were living in the hotel have found places to stay temporarily.

"Mine was out of pure luck. A past landlord is helping me out and found me a place to go," said Mileschkowsky.

Moving in less than 48 hours would've been impossible for some families if there hadn't been people helping out like the Bauers who saw our story Thursday.

"When I saw their story and it broke my heart especially for their little boy. My son goes to school with their son and we knew we had to help," said Janice Bauer.

It's been a blessing from above. It's been a frantic panic here trying to get out before 11 am," said Aaron Scott-Phillips, who moved out of the hotel Friday.

If you would like to make a donation to the families that lost their homes please contact Claudene Mileschowsky at 517-206-8353. She has the contact information for all the families that were displaced and can help you get in touch to help.

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