New Gun Bill to Prevent Federal Regulation

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Rebecca Hammond is a military wife and says she's lived through a lot of fear. Even so, the gun legislation that exempts Michigan-made guns and ammunication from federal regulations and passed out of committee on Wednesday has her feeling concerned and troubled.

"I'm concerned at the parents that have come to me and said they cry now when they drop off their kids, they're frightened," said Hammond.

Hammond supports more gun control saying it could be part of a solution to the violence around the country. However, it's an idea that many gun owners are offended by.

"It's just nuts to put the blame on law-biding people that use guns responsibly," said Wayne Groth, president of the Calhoun County Gun Owners Association.

Senate Bll 63 would create the Michigan Firearms Freedom Act. Democratic Senator Steven Bieda, D-Warren, cast the only no vote, citing concerns of constitutionality. However, Sen. Rick Jones, R-Grand Ledge, argues Michigan won't be the first to impose this kind of legislation. He says if signed into law, it'll encourage firearm manufacturers to do business in the state and it's also about sending a message to the federal government.

"Eight other states have already passed this and I think that the federal government has become way too over reaching," said Sen. Jones.

Though Senate Democrats are criticizing Republican's move saying that the legislation does nothing to keep people safe.

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