New "Google Map" for Jackson's Homes To Be Demolished

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JACKSON (WILX)--Jackson has plans to demolish more than one-hundred homes in the coming months, and has made it very easy for the community to see exactly which homes and buildings are on that list.

City staff worked to put a map together using Google Maps because they wanted to make the interface familiar and easier to navigate for the interested public.

(Click on the link at the bottom of the story to view the map)

The map is broken down by all six wards, and you can zoom in to get a street view of the property. IT shows cost, type, and will soon show the report of condemnation.

It was created to help the city interact with the people of Jackson.

"I think one of the basic questions it makes it easy to answer is where are these houses that (the government) is talking about," said Scott TenBrink, U-M Community Project Manager.

"We want to get that information out in a more visible and intelligible way," said Derek Dobies, Vice Mayor.

By keeping the public informed the map is supposed to encourage more interaction with the city's government.

"The more citizens are engaged the better decisions we can make," said Dobies.

The goal is to have all a 104 homes demolished or fixed up by the end of 2014. The map will be updated as more homes are added and taken away.

"We have budgeted the money, assuming all the properties will be demolished," said newly elected Mayor Jason Smith.

"Text by Tip," where you can report crime anonymous via text is supposed to be the next interactive project in the works for the city of Jackson.

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