New Fireworks Laws Proposed in State House

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New fireworks laws were proposed this week to ban aerial and explosive fireworks in Michigan.

The law would replace the current laws, passed in 2012, making these fireworks legal to boost local fireworks sales and improve the economy.

Michele Powell spends her summers closing her blinds.

But she's not blocking the sun. She's blocking the sound of fireworks.

"It really has ruined our summers in a lot of ways," Powell said.

She puts Styrofoam and blankets in her windows. Otherwise, she puts herself at risk.

"I actually have had a couple of panic attacks because I get so worked up," Powell said.

Powell says she's heard fireworks go off almost every summer weekend since 2012 when the state made it legal to sell fireworks.

Powell says that the fireworks have gotten so loud that the windows on her house will shake. But some new legislation may bring her some relief.

Two democrats in the state house introduced a bill that would ban aerial and explosive fireworks.

The bill was first proposed to protect people like Powell.

"They don't have peaceful enjoyment of their homes," said Senator Glenn Anderson, who proposed the new bill. "Their pets are having to be tranquilized, and we're also hearing from veterans that suffer from PTSD. It's just causing them a literal hell in their own homes."

Senator Rick Jones voted for the bill in 2011 so people would stop buying fireworks from surrounding states.

But the ordinances can be different in every community. Police say they haven't been able to enforce them enough to stop everyone who ignores the rules.

And Jones says that's the main concern.

"You must have the local police enforce the law," Jones said.

For now, Michele Powell will keep her blinds closed, and hope for change.

The bills were proposed this week, and starting tomorrow they will be put into committees and discussed by representatives.