New Custody Option for Youngest Child of Ricky Holland's Mom

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Terrified the future could repeat itself: "Casey doesn't get up any morning without wondering, why did this happen?" said Casey and Matthew Caswell's attorney William Campbell.

Campbell says they're doing everything they can to make sure their 7-month-old son Matthew Caswell II stays out of the foster care system which led to Ricky Holland's murder: "They live in an apartment now. Matthew has a part-time job. He's looking for full-time employment."

But keeping the baby out of the same system Casey's five older children were involved in may still mean giving up their parental rights.

"The prosecutor presented an option for a relative adoption. Apparently this relative came from out of the blue."

Court was quickly adjourned because the Caswells and DHS representatives want more time to consider an offer made by a distant cousin for an open adoption.

"The possible outcomes are, the parents would release their parental rights, or they can sit there and say, we chose not to release our rights, and we would like to have this matter schedule for a full hearing," said Judge George Economy.

"The Caswells are going to work with their counselors and ministers to determine not only what is in their best interest, but more importantly, what is in Matthew's best interest."

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