New Cadillac CTS Has Futuristic Feel

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General Motors really knows how to mark a milestone.

Meet the new Cadillac CTS.

"It's leaner... it's sleeker," says GM Plant Launch Operations Manager Mark Dickman.

The one millionth Cadillac to roll out at Lansing's Grand River Plant is the flagship vehicle of the line.

Dickman took me on a test drive.

Immediately I noticed the comfortable feel in the driver's seat-- almost like you're a pilot rather than a driver.

"Like you said, it feels like you're in a cockpit," says Dickman. "Very sleek design-- everything right at your fingertips."

"I think the interior is what really is awesome about this vehicle."

More impressive is the adaptive cruise control which knows when someone is in front of you and slows down.

"You can see the green icon here, it's sensing the car in front of you," Dickman explains. "It'll then speed back up when traffic clears."

If that sounds futuristic-- how about a car that parallel parks for you?

Dickman walks me through the sequence.

"Okay, stop. Put it in reverse. Check your surroundings. Now take your hands off the wheel."

After the sensors react to each car, the wheel turns on its own and into place perfectly.

"It's going to tell you when to stop... (beep)... park complete. You're good."

To me it seems like this is the car that could one day lead to one that is hands-free.

Dickman agrees.

"It's definitely a step in that direction."

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