New Beginning for Michigan State House

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It was mostly ceremonial business on the first day of session for 2013, but the house chamber was packed with representatives and their family.

Lawmakers took their oath including 28 freshman representatives. Five are from mid-Michigan. Democrats Andy Schor, Tom Cochran, Sam Singh and Teresa Abed and Republican Tom Leonard.

The newcomers say they're ready to get down to business.

"Jobs and the economy have to remain priority number one for this legislature," said Rep. Tom Leonard, R-Dewitt Township.

"How we position ourselves in a global economy, how we re-enforce our investment in education as well as higher education," said Rep. Sam Singh, D-East Lansing.

The focus during session on Wednesday was very much about moving forward, but House Democratic Leader Tim Greimel said it doesn't mean they've forgotten about the bitter disagreements that took over the Capitol just a few weeks ago. Lawmakers from both sides said they're ready to make some changes in 2013.

"I've already sat down with one representative, Andy Schor. We're continuing the tradition of the Capital caucus," said Rep. Leonard.

"I hope to work with the other side of the isle on that, it's day one and all the comments were right," said Rep. Andy Schor, D-Lansing.

As expected, Rep. Jase Bolger will continue as Speaker of the House. His nomination was seconded by Rep. Greimel.

"We also have tremendous respect for the institution of the state house and for the history of this institution and we wanted to abide by that history, show an olive branch of bipartisanship," said Rep. Greimel.

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