Neighbors Want Safer Intersection

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"I was upset because this has happened time after time," said Neil Ketchum, who has lived near the intersection of Dietz and Holt Roads for about 40 years.

Ketchum says accidents there have become somewhat of a trend that points to a bigger problem.

"They're [drivers] just plain running the stop sign," Ketchum said.

There are stop signs there for cars travelling north and south on Dietz Road. However, neighbors say they've had enough of accidents and it's about time the intersection gets a four-way stop.

"A four-way stop would maybe give somebody a chance. Maybe one of the cars coming to the stop sign would stop," said Ketchum.

However, Michigan State Police are still investigating and have not confirmed the cause of Thursday's crash.

"If there's any indication that the condition of the roads or the design of the roads, that being a stop sign or not a stop sign had a role in it, we'll certainly report that to our Traffic Services Division," said Lt. Kyle Bowman, assistant post commander for the Lansing State Police post.

Lt. Bowman continued on to say that the investigation into the most recent accident will give investigators a chance to look into if there is a trend or any similarities to last year's fatal crash.

"Our investigators will take a look at that as well. Anything that sticks out that is a recurring situation or something that definitely is a pattern they'll become aware of that right away," said Lt. Bowman.

Meanwhile, Ketchum hopes something will change soon because he never wants to see tragedy happen again.

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