Neighbors Upset with Downed Lines in Park

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East Lansing, Mich. (WILX) It's been months since the December ice storm, but you wouldn't know it walking through a park in East Lansing.

People living near Shaw Park in the Glencairn neighborhood say lines there have been down for months, and they're getting the run-around about who's supposed to be making the repairs.

"It shouldn't be this frustrating to get wires that are down cleaned up," said Mark Fisk, president of the Glencairn Neighborhood Association who tipped WILX off to the problem Monday.

Fisk is concerned with warmer weather coming that the park won't be safe for kids and families in the area.

"You shouldn't have to call a customer service line to get the run-around to find out if your local park is safe for your kids to play in or families to gather, this is long overdue," Fisk said.

Fisk told us the city claimed the wires belonged to Board of Water and Light but when WILX called BWL we were told the wires were communication lines which belong to Comcast.

Steve Serkaian, spokesperson for the utility said the red tags on the wire indicate they are not electrical wires, though he still stressed using extreme caution and to avoid going near them.

BWL even sent a worker to the park to confirm the status of the lines while WILX was on the scene.

Meanwhile, Emily Duffelmeyer who lives nearby brought her child to the park Monday to play but was disappointed and even a bit surprised by the lack of progress made on fixing the issue.

"We've been just been steering clear of it (the wire)," she said. "It's definitely frustrating, we're on the cusp of spring and we're all ready to use the park and basically half the park is still not totally usable, I guess I hoped it would've been picked up by now."

An employee with the City of East Lansing's public works department later confirmed the city was actually aware of the issue and had been in touch with Comcast, which was also aware of the downed line.

It's unclear when the company plans to make the repairs. Calls to Comcast were not returned.

While the downed lines did not belong to BWL, the numerous downed trees in the area were recently cut and left by the utility, according to the city.

"It's a sad statement it's taken four months for Comcast and the Board of Water and Light to make sure this park is safe again," Fisk said. "Our message to them is clean up our park, make it safe, the weather's turning nice and we want to enjoy our park again."

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