Neighbors Upset About Trash Problem

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There's a messy problem going on around Lansing.

Piles of garbage - from CDs to sofas - aren't making it into bags, much less trash cans.

In Moores Park, it seems litter bugs have taken over.

"It's an eye sore," Terry Chapman said. "We're getting trash dumped all over the roads, the sides of the roads, in vacant houses, in our city parks."

The back of Washington Park is a common dump site for people, so much so rocks were added in an attempt to block the road way to the area. The neighborhood association has several complaints of people dirtying up their fellow neighbors' yards, too.

"They get done with whatever they're eating, and they toss the trash on the ground," Moores Park Neighborhood Association President Paul Johns said. "Or maybe there's an economic issue here, where they can't afford trash service and they're dumping their trash in alley ways."

For a bulk item like a sofa or bed to be picked up, a sticker from the city costs more than $30. Even if a different person puts it on your property, it becomes your problem.

"There's an elderly person in our neighborhood that's having a trash problem," Johns said. "I'll drive over with my truck and pick it up, I don't have a problem with that, and I will incur that cost. I can't do it repeatedly, and that's where we call in the city."

The city admits trash isn't just an issue in Moores Park -- it's happening across Lansing. The city's director of public services said it's par for the course this time of year as the snow melts and people spring clean.

"We do a lot of coordination, working with the police department," Lansing Director of Public Services Chad Gamble said. "Write them up a fine and make sure that they understand that this isn't an appropriate thing to do, and we're all called to keep our city clean."

Gamble said it's almost impossible for the city to keep up with cleaning right now, and he encourages neighborhood clean ups.

"I know the church went and picked up a bunch of trash, and neighbors come together and help neighbors," Johns said.

If your neighborhood has a trash problem, call the city's public services department or your city council represenative.

Bulk items can be taken care of within three days once someone is alerted.

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