Neighbors Shocked After Meth Lab Bust in Fowlerville

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For those who live in Fowlerville, it's not much more than a nice town where nothing really happens.

That's why neighbors were shocked when police showed up at a home on Ann Street, just a couple of blocks from downtown.

"We got a call of suspicious activity taking place at this address, with people going in and out of a shed in the back of the garage," said Fowlerville Police Chief Tom Couling, outside of a home on the 200 block of Ann Street.

When police went inside the garage, their suspicions were confirmed. They found all the components for an active meth lab that Couling believes was used for a couple of months.

According to Couling, the home where the lab was discovered is a rental property. Four people live there, including a young girl, but only one was involved with the lab. The others were unaware to what was going on.

"This is a family neighborhood," said a shocked Sandy Langdon, who lives down the street.

With meth labs know to explode, Langdon says it's a concern for her neighborhood.

"I know there are three little girls across the street and one of them is partially blind," she said. "If something like that happened here, it might be hard for them to get out of their home."

Although this was Couling's first meth lab, he didn't share Langdon's shock.

"Am I surprised? No, not really," he said. "We do have a drug problem, like any other community, and we just have to stay on top of it."

Couling says the hazardous material has been removed from the home and will be examined at a Michigan State Police lab before any arrests are made.

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