Neighbors Not Surprised About Deadly Shooting

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LANSING (WILX)- A deadly start to the new year in Lansing and neighbors say they saw it coming.

It started as a fight inside the Save-On Market convenience store located on the 700 block of Willow Street, and ended in a shooting that killed one man and put 4 others in the hospital.

Police do have a suspect in custody, a 20-year-old Lansing man, but neighbors are concerned that there more people involved.

"I heard they were shooting at each other, one guy said he had a .22 round clip and the other said "lets get it on" and they continued shooting at each other," said Willow-Knollwood Neighborhood Association President Walter Brown.

Brown says he heard the commotion Monday night and even had one person hide in his backyard for safety.

"They were shooting so fast it sounded like an automatic weapon. It sounded like 25 to 30 shots," said Brown.

Other neighbors say the store is a hot spot for trouble.

"There's a lot of activity, this isn't the first homicide that's happened here," said frequent Save-On Market customer Raelynn Clayton.

Clayton says the danger of the store has not kept her away in the past and it won't be any different now.

"It's a bad place and it's not a good place to shop, but you get everything cheap so why not?" said Clayton

Lansing Police Captain Daryl Green says the homicide is still under investigation although the store opened back up Tuesday afternoon.

"We never have enough information from the public and we are still asking for more info," said Green.

Anyone with information about the homicide call the Lansing Police Department or 911.

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