Neglected Horses Seized From Howell Farm

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A dozen horses are being taken from a farm in Howell in Livingston County due to neglect.

The Michigan Horse Welfare Coalition (MHWC) and Livingston County Animal Control officials are seizing the 12 horses after months of investigations and repeated attempts by county officials to work with the owner in terms of properly caring for her horses.

The horses will be taken to the Chase Lake Equine Center at 10426 Chase Lake Rd in Fowlerville, MI for further evaluation before being turned over to rescues who will continue to rehabilitate the horses until a forfeiture hearing takes place later in the month.

The following rescues and individuals will be assisting with the handling and placement of the horses: Bill Brown, head trainer for the Chase Lake Equine Center; Second Chance Ranch and Rescue, Day Dreams Farm Therapy and Rescue, Horses' Haven and Sandstone Farm's Rescue Effort.

The MHWC is urgently asking for donations to our Hay Bank to help care for these and other horses in desperate need around the state. All donations are tax deductible.

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