Navy Jet Crashes into Virginia Apartments

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VIRGINIA BEACH, Va. (AP) -- A Navy F-18 jet crashed in Virginia Beach and the two aviators aboard eject before the impact.
Officials say at least three people were taken to hospitals, including the two pilots.
Photographs from the scene showed black smoke billowing from near some buildings.
A local official says it appears two Navy pilots dumped fuel from a fighter jet before it crashed into a Virginia apartment complex, and that likely prevented the resulting fire from being far worse.
Bruce Nedelka is the Virginia Beach EMS division chief. He said Friday that witnesses saw fuel being dumped from the jet before it went down, and that fuel was found on buildings and vehicles in the area.
Nedelka says that maneuver likely prevented what could have been a massive fireball and fire.
Nedelka says the fire has been put out at the apartment complex, and crews are now going through to search for anyone who may have been inside.

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