Update: Natural Gas Interruption Has Workers Knocking on Doors

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MASON - Consumers Energy crews are expected to go door-to-door Thursday evening, re-lighting the homes of about 750 natural gas customers west of Mason.
Those customers have been without natural gas since Wednesday evening. The gas interruption is west of US-127, mainly along Columbia Road near College Road and Edgar Road.

Consumers Energy had been working on installing new pipes in the area, as a pert of a system upgrade. The workers had shut the gas off to the area and capped the pipe. No one realized gas service had been shut off for about 12 hours, due to there being residual gas in the pipes.

Consumers Energy workers knocked on doors through the night alerting homeowners of the situation., and turning gas lines in preparation of gas re-pressurization.

Consumers says they expect to re-pressurize the system and start turning the gas on to homes in the area at around 5 o'clock Thursday.
They have brought in over 50 crews from around the state to help expedite the process.

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