National Pledge Day to Stop Texting while Driving

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Wednesday was National Pledge Day and according to AT&T, it's about spreading the word to the public.

"To keep this campaign going, to keep the issue in front of the public...To make it as unacceptable as drinking and driving," said Ruth Gaudard, AT&T area manager for external affairs.

AT&T started the "It Can Wait" movement a couple of years ago and the message is simple but strong.

"The life you save could be your own or it could be someone else's but there is no text worth dying for," said Gaudard.

In Michigan, texting while driving has been illegal since July 1, 2010. Lt. Kyle Bowman from Michigan State Police says troopers are on the lookout.

"Our desire and our belief is that people are going to voluntarily comply with the motor vehicle code. When that's not the case, we will take enforcement action when we become aware of it," said Lt. Bowman.

He says though the message is out there, acccidents are still happening. In 2011 alone, Michigan State Police recorded over 4000 crashes caused by distracted driving. More than 800 of those involves a cell phone.

"I've had troopers and I've also stopped people who are using their cell phone and aren't paying attention to the road but don't even realize how distracted they are, the fact that they've weaved out of a lane or made an improper turn," said Lt. Bowman.

Law enforcement will continue to monitor what drivers are doing and AT&T is encouraging everyone to take the pledge -- to never text and drive.

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