Naked Man Attacks More Police Officers

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The man charged with resisting arrest and assaulting Meridian Township police officers on December 8 attacked law enforcement again while in custody at the hospital.

26-year-old Ronald Ray Ruhl was set to be released from Sparrow Hospital and returned the Ingham County Jail when he requested a visit to the restroom. The sheriff's deputy guarding Ruhl allowed him to do so, and when he exited the bathroom Ruhl immediately began assaulting the deputy, according to the Ingham County Sheriff's Office.

The altercation also involved Sparrow Hospital security personnel and Lansing police officers. The deputy was treated for cuts and scrapes. Ruhl has not been released from the hospital yet.

News 10's Shannon Kantner is sitting down with Sheriff Gene Wriggelsworth and will have the full story on WILX at 6:00.

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